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Two Roads Diverged –

Much alike Robert Frost, I have approached a fork in my road –

two paths emerging, one more commonly taken, the other seemingly desolate.

Separated not only by aesthetics but equally ideologies.

To iPhone; or to android?

android vs iphone 4

This question which is seemingly minuscule is of great importance, fundamentally questioning values regarding media platforms and ecologies and whether one supports open or locked platforms.

After Apple’s initial release of the iPhone, the new technology dominated and seemingly monopolised the phone gadget industry. Factors contributing to Apple’s continuing success and growth range, yet arguably stem from the companies high levels of creative censorship as a locked platform. If media is indeed the message, Apple displays an appreciation of traditional hierarchical powers, where information and technologies are distributed from top down, thus the consumer is not to supersede the domains supreme power. But how does the success and consumption of these products say about the gadget attainer or the twenty-first century? Are we in fact happy to be dictated and restricted from emerging technologies and media platforms?

Android on the other hand has enabled a more progressive approach to stay afloat within a competitive market dominated by the ‘fruit shaped technology’. Android allows for the everyday individual to unleash innovative ideas and use their medium as a platform for open creativity. Thus, the balance of power has altered, as the user can manipulate the android platform for technological progression. A practical example of this, is the minimal regulations regarding the creation of android applications, in comparison to the stringent guidelines Apple places on applications. Evidently, the use and distribution of information plays a large role in determining what companies one engages with.

Here, in my own pursuit for an answer – I have determined that my internal quarrel branches from open/closed platforms.

The market value of the iPhone holds well, considering the influx of new technologies. This is a primary consideration when purchasing a device, considering there will be a contractual obligation signed. Arguably, the iPhones value holds better due to the locked platform and the limited variations of iPhones released at prolonged intervals.

In comparison,  android devices drop in value at a significant rate, due to the open network,  constant amendments, creations, as well as phones being released within shorter time frames. Due to the oversupply of android technology and scarcity of Apple variations, the value will hold effectively with iPhone products. This f influences other areas, which consequently contributes to an individuals decision-making. For example, the amount of phone accessories on the market for Apple, far outweighs android products due to the popularity and stability of the company, due to limited and timely release of new technologies. For some individual, such as myself, this plays a huge factor in determining what phone to purchase.

With two months left bound to my contract, I have already purchased two iPhone 6+ cases, in anticipation for the probability of that being my new device.  Now that is a poignant representation of the influence accessories can have on a decision.

Exploring the ideals of open and closed platforms has allowed me to come closer to my determination of what my choice will be.I will wait for my contract to end and not sign any other just yet…


for now, smoke signals seem like a great investment with multiple utilities.

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  1. You have raised some interesting points here. However, ideologies and accessories aside, I choose Apple for its simple user interface.


  2. Very interestingly written, but as someone who works almost on a daily basis in this industry (and strongly condemns Apple) I believe you have forgotten some important facts.

    What I have realized for the past 3 years is that the majority of the people buying Apple products are those who simply want to have the brand, whereas Android buyers focus on specifications. I am of the opinion that Apple is an egoistic and manipulating brand. Apple is making their users dependent on their product, for example: having an overpriced docking station that is only compatible with an Apple product. What happens next? Is that a person will buy an iPhone again, otherwise he won’t be able to use that docking station / Apple TV / iCloud / Music. When we look at an Android product it gives the person freedom to choose and go as he wishes. They allow them to buy and synchronize with HTC / SAMSUNG / HUAWEI / SONY and many more.

    So the real question to you is: do you want to have the freedom? Or be dependent and drawn into Apple’s system?


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