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Will You Be My Audience? Empowerment, Access and Participation Within Concert Culture

After months of anticipation, the countdown was over – years of reciting word for word songs of love, heartbreak and resilience, the time was here.

It was May first and the Script would be performing in Sydney –


This was the opportunity I had paid hundreds to experience, being the ability to transcend cultural, social, ideological and religious barriers and share a love and appreciation for common music with fellow audience members and more importantly the band that I loved. However, mid performance, my energy depleted, my enjoyment plateaued and my arm ached. The new iPhone 6 + in my hand weighed me down, as I silently questioned to myself, why am I turning my back on the opportunity to truly connect with this band that I love, to record a simulacrum of this moment?

My answer, I quickly determined … was that I too was seeking an audience and audience recognition.

Convergence alters the role of audiences in their interaction with digital media platforms and content. This allows us to explore issues of access to content, and participation in its creation, as well as the way changes in technologies and industry practices create new types of users. My media platform of investigation, Instagram, was a main source of disseminating my concert experience The YouTube video above is also a representation of my concert experience and my desire to disseminate my experience through the uploading of it. This poses the question, what is the future of music and authentic concert culture, when all we want to do as an audience is capitalise on the entertainers to prove that we are somewhat citizen journalists and distributors of primary sources of entertainment and music.

What is the future of concert culture? I fear the answer of that question…



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