Sticks and Stones: 15 Lessons 2015 Offered

This blog was months in the making.

To manage your expectations; I have not been sitting at my desk neurotically examining the punctuation, expression and composition of this post. Quite the contrary, I have questioned whether sharing the lessons that the past year have taught me are worth documenting. Yet, if there is one thing that blogging has taught me, it is that someone,  in some crevice of this earth that you haven’t even heard of; will engage and find value in  your experience. Therefore, I apprehensively present to thee; the lessons of 2015 learnt the hard way, for the benefit of 2016.

  1.  Traumatic events can be the most effective catalyst for change. Sometimes it is easier to shape yourself into who you want to be from the ground up.
  2. Living a healthy and active lifestyle is something you should make a priority and take pride in.
  3. Weight is not indicative of health.
  4. Come to your own judgements and listen to the opinions of others with a grain of salt.
  5. The length of a friendship is not representative of much, if anything; a friend of a short period could have purer intentions for you, than a lifelong friend.
  6. Everyone deals with heartache differently. It is difficult to sit at the bed of a friend falling apart, accept their vices and not cast judgement on their actions; how they’re dealing with a situation, in comparison to how you would deal with the situation.
  7. Some people have twisted and demented opinions regarding women, racial minorities and religions. Irrespective of how much you argue, come to terms with the fact that you can not change the opinion of everyone.
  8. That timeline you construct as a child as a guideline for your life, you know the one that I’m talking about… dating at 16, engaged to said “perfect partner” by 21, married by 23, child on the way by 25; yeah sorry kid, that ain’t happening.
  9. We should have listened to our parents when they told us to value our childhood and refrain from growing up too soon. The idea of mortgaging a sub par dwelling in Sydney for a lifetime of debt isn’t as glamorous as first presumed.
  10. Perhaps the fact that you chased the love of somebody who tore you apart says more about you than the person you wanted.
  11. There is no shame in watching and quoting Harry Potter at any given occasion as a 20-year-old.
  12. My generation is terrified of commitment.
  13. Unplanned travels make for the best memories and stories.
  14. Remember how far you’ve come and appreciate yourself throughout the process of change. Progress from love makes for a better process of change, rather than progress motivated by self-hatred.
  15. Until you let the wounds of your past heal, you will continue to weep and bleed. Whether you mask it with substances, by immersing yourself in the attention of others, food or other addictions, you have to let yourself heal from whatever wounds the year inflicted, irrespective of how long it takes.



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