Surprise Picnic Party in the Park

There’s something inherently quaint in the image of a weekend picnic in the park – an image corresponding with birds in the trees, a delicate and whimsical breeze, good food, better company and a distinct air of relaxation.

Organising a picnic event in an age of pinterest can prove stressful. People have high expectations, coloured by decadent grazing boards, chilled champagne and an aesthetically pleasing set-up.Whilst, yes, there is no comparison between organising a casual picnic spread in comparison to a formal wedding event, or venue celebration – the expectation of pulling off a perfectly casual, quaint, yet coordinated and comfortable picnic can prove challenging. In planning said event, it becomes  apparent that there is a fine line between establishing an effortlessly cool aura picnic, in comparison to a picnic where it is painfully obvious that you tried far too hard. Taking these factors into considerations, I share with thee photos, tips and tricks in organising a fuss-free casual yet elegant picnic party in the park.

1. Location, location, location!

A picturesque backdrop can be the icing on the cake (pun-intended) for a well-organised picnic event.

Let the location speak for itself and act as an intentional and fundamental element of the picnic. Scower around the internet, ask friends and family for recommendations, check with the local council that nothing is planned on the particular day at the location, check the weather and conditions of the event and plan accordingly. Location can be the make or break of a casual picnic celebration – leave friends and family with the lasting sentiment and memory of watching the sunset within a beautiful location surrounded by their nearest and dearest.

2. Choose a theme and stick with it!

The golden rule of all events – choose a general theme and stick with it.

Whilst you’re less likely to run into trouble when deviating from this rule in comparison to a  formal event, choosing and executing a stylised theme leaves a lasting impression.

I personally chose to work with brassy gold as the base colour for the picnic. In doing so, I chose cutlery, balloons, picnic-wear, plates, cups and alcohols that fit with this theme. To inject more personality and an air of playfulness, I mixed and matched with the colours and textures of serviette, serving platters, table cloths and straws – with the aim of the set-up being aesthetically pleasing, but not too coordinated that attendees fear touching the food and set-up for fear of destroying your creation.

3. Choose the music palette wisely!

Know your audience and your intended aura.

For me, it was the soothing sounds of John Mayer – a crowd-pleaser who is known enough to be hummed along to, without turning into a high-energy karaoke session. I found that Mayer’s soothing tones complimented the waterfront sunset and proved a polite tone to the celebrations throughout the day. Much alike drinks and nibbles provided to guests, choose music with intention and purpose to add and not distract from the picnic event.

4. Attention to detail!

Think of your perfect picnic (within reason) and make it happen!

Details such as fairylights, balloons, personalised birthday candles, the type of cake organised, the alcohol on offer and other details shape the day.

5. Have a backup plan!

Mother nature can be unpredictable and unforgiving –

5. Photography!

Everyone holds fonder memories of birthdays and events that are well documented.

Whether it be a formal wedding photographer or a novice with their mobile phone, photographing the day leaves attendees with a timeless keepsake that reminds them of the special day you have planned – take it to the next level and show that you actually genuinely care about the experience of friends and family at your event.











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