Clinique Anti-Blemish Solution Review

Acne is something I have struggled with from the ripe age of twelve. You name the respective stage of my life and I can almost certainly outline what treatment I was undergoing for my troubled skin at the time.

Throughout my nine-year battle, I have experimented with both medicated and non-medicated treatments, including premium skin care brands, naturopathic treatments and drugstore skin care. Some treatments have worked wonders and whilst they have not rid me of all my blemishes, they have controlled the spread of bacteria (in my eyes enough to constitute a tick of approval). Other treatments have flared my skin and sworn me off certain brands and active chemicals.

A markable difference between how I approach acne and blemish treatments as a twenty-one year old, who has maxed out on the amount of Roaccutane  treatments permissible , is that I now acknowledge there is no quick fix. Skin is about more than just what creams and brands you use, skin is equally as reflexive of your health regime, diet, hormonal changes, genetics and a myriad of other issues. A good skin care routine can however, regulate the spread of bacteria and dictate how your skin heals. As a result, I am eager to try to share with you my impressions and experiences with the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions range.

Clinique is a brand that I have always held in high regard. I distinctly recall my mother using their ranges religious when I was a child and her always stressing the importance of investing in your skin. This brand affiliation led me to them when I was sixteen years old and dealing with rosacea. Unfortunately, the representative behind the counter was not well versed with my skin type and advised me to use the range for all skin types. Unsurprisingly, that particular three-step system did little to remedy my situation. I never dabbled in the brand again to look after my young skin and instead respected the formulas from afar.

After a particularly aggressive outbreak of acne turned blemishes, I visited David Jones  an act of desperation to revisit the brand. I am enthusiastic to see that Clinique have introduced a range catering to blemish prone skin. Whilst some may criticise and the affordability of this range, I would love to take this opportunity to share my experiences and results from use, to help inform your skin investments and decisions.

The company promotes the three-step system, as ‘Everything designed to work together. Not just to treat, but to prevent – day and night’.  Together, Anti-Blemish Solution formulas:

  1. Treat breakout prone skin with highly effective ingredients.
  2. Help clear and prevent blemishes.
  3. Help reduce the appearance of redness of blemishes.
  4. Soothe irritated skin.
  5. Work to control oiliness.
  6. Appropriate for all skin types.

The foundational three steps of the treatment:

Step One: Cleansing Foam 

‘Mild cleansing helps clear and prevent blemishes. Removes dirt and excess oil. Unclogs pores.’


Just like any cleanser this product is designed to assist clearing blemishes, however it is not the focal product that will do the heavy lifting. The cleanser gives you a clean slate to work with, a.k.a a clean face to apply the other treatments with.

I found this cleanser safe to take off makeup and use to remove most eye makeup. zoom_variation_pink_view_01_990x1290Paired
with my trusted Clarisonic Mia 2, I found the cleanser worked a treat.


Step Two: Clarifying Lotion

‘Gentle formula exfoliates to clear dead surface cells and reduces excess oil that can lead to breakouts. Oil-absorbing powders eliminate shine.’


I am generally not one to place too much weight on the scent of product, however this lotions odour is quite unpleasant. I appreciate that the hero of the product is the formula and everything else is secondary to those developing the lotion, but this wouldn’t be a honest review if a gal didn’t warn you.

With that said, I found the clarifying lotion to be the most on the spot effective part of the skincare regime. Almost instantly my skin and blemishes dried up. Unlike any other product I have ever used, this lotion felt like it was working effectively from day one and I am happy to say that the results spoke for themselves.

I note that the lotion is of a watery consistency and needs to be shaken before use. I am advised that the active ingredients that makes the lotion so effective sits at the bottom of the bottle. After shaking, place a tiny amount of product onto a cotton ball and dab onto blemishes (thank me later).


Step Three: All-Over Clearing Treatment (Oil-Free)

‘Helps treat existing blemishes and prevent future breakouts. Helps control excess oil throughout the day.’


I note the remarkable similarity of the scent of this product to the Clinique Super City Block, which is 100% fragrance free. The gel consistency is easy to apply and spreads all over like the product instructions advise.

The all-over cleansing treatment is fine to use under makeup, as it dries quickly and does not leave an oily residue behind. I suggest using this product sparingly to ensure you do not finish this tube before the rest of the skincare treatment.

The spot treatment is a pleasure to use as it targets those active and nasty pimples like no-one’s business.


All in all, I am pleasantly surprised with the effectiveness of this whole range of anti-blemish skincare Clinique has provided. I have found my troubled patch of skin has dried up nicely and the texture of that area has improved remarkably (meaning makeup cover-up is much easier). Whilst my face is much drier now, I am satisfied with the result of the system. I would recommend this skincare to people with typically oily skin that are after a way of controlling their oil control alongside their acne and blemishes.

The three step process is simple to work into your daily routine and is not burdensome to undertake. In fact, you feel like you’re doing something good for yourself ( spoil yo self).  Whilst I was originally sceptical about why I ‘needed’ to purchase all three products for this regime, I now understand and would encourage others to do the same. I believe dermatologists created each individual product to treat and prepare your skin for the next product you are going to use. I do not think the positive results my skin has encountered would be as effective without the entire three step process.

I think near $90 for a full regime of products is reasonable. The system should last me atleast 2-3 months, which works out reasonably. If you find it difficult to justify this spend, I would remind you that your skin is so incredibly important – I would rather invest in myself and my health and wellbeing than in clothes or shoes (I know, shock horror). As someone who has suffered from aggressive acne for near a decade, I understand and appreciate the importance of looking after and respecting your skin. After years upon years of medication, different courses of antibiotics and anti-inflamitories, after mouthfuls of apple-cider vinegar and my skin experiencing a vast array of product – I will always go the extra mile to invest in skincare.

Whilst my skin isn’t 100% clear at the moment, the results that I have encountered in the last week are far better than the results from other premium skincare ranges. An improvement is good enough for me, as the rest of the skincare process will only improve with a better diet, more exercise, healthier sleeping patterns and more h2o.

An improvement is an improvement, and for that reason I stand behind the Clinique Anti-Blemish treatment.